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Spindle : W 4-spindle A Auto-Change shank T Drilling & Tapping
H Feeding by hydraulic S Frame-regular with hydraulic feeding
Stand : TDK C-frame semi-auto positioning DNC single gantry
DNA Single girder with 2-spindle DNF 2-girder with 2-spindle
AGP Spindle on Extended-arm
Work Capacity : X:mm, Y:mm
Models interested in :
Company : Material supplier Steel structure fabrication
Processing : Regular drilling Tapping Long-hole drilling
Current machine used in your company : Others
Processing : Bridge connecting plates Steel-Construction connecting plates
Small plates End plate Others
Features Preference in : Auto step-feeding Auto measurement in shank/thickness
Auto power-off Light & easy material handling Multi-location process Servo-motor feeding Multi-hole drilling/Tapping/Long-hole milling
easily-learned graphic pattern 2-spindle with servo motors
Auto-Change shank BT-type shank quick change
Quick marking/ positioning-confirmation
Processing on bridge multi-hole connecting plates
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