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  • Work range: 600mm x 2600mm.
  • Drilling for connecting plate, welding plate, rib plate, hanging piece, etc.
  • Two exactly independent spindles, they can drill two stacks of same plate in the same time, they also can drill two stacks of different plate in the same time. Especially they can drill one stack of bigger plate with two spindles in the same time.
  • High rigidness frame, competitive drilling speed
  • High efficiency motors → High torques for bigger diameters and high rev. for smaller diameters, Ø 14 -- Ø 40 mm
Models AGP-265HH AGP-327HH AGP-368HH
Capacity Hole Diameter m/m Ø 14 - 40 Ø 14 - 40 Ø 14 - 40
Tap ----
Long Hole ----
Max. Works Size 1000x1500 mm 1000x2000 mm 1000x1500 mm
Work Area 4
Thickness Total Thickness 100 mm (Vice Stroke 105 mm)
Hydraulic 50 kg/cm2 (Max. 70 kg/cm2)
Coolant Water bass collant, force recycle
Chip Conveyor Electric Conveyor
Spindle Motor 5.5 KW 5.5 KW 5.5 KW
Spindle Drill 2
Shank BT-40
Speed control Inverter Control
RPM 120-420 mm
Drill Length 50 - 470
Positioning X Stroke 600 mm 700 mm 800mm
X Speed 9 m/min
X Drive Servo Motor + Ball Screw
Y Stroke 2600 mm 3200 mm 3600 mm
Y Speed 9 m/min
Y Drive Servo Motor + Ball Screw
Z Stroke 400 mm
Z Speed 5 m/min
Z Drive Hydraulic
Clamps Method Hydraulic clamped + Manual clamped
Quantity X 8 12
Y 4 4
Force 600 kg·f
Dimension Work stand Height App. 800 mm
L x W x H mm      
Weight 7000 kg 8000 kg 9000 kg
NC Devices Screen IPC with touch screen
Servo Axis 4
Memory Capacity 100 sets, unlimited when attached with USB storage
Min. Setting Unit 0.01 mm
Programming Multi-pattern process-dialogue inputting/ coordinate inputting/ files transferred by DXF
Ax. Program 1 home point mixed with 10 programs
Re-positioning Machine continues auto operation from any position
Cutting Condition Cutting condition (life, loading ratio, revolutions, feeding capacity, feeding time, penetration capacity) may input by manually
Fine Adjustment Revolutions & feeding capacity may fine adjust ±50%
Signal Lamp 3 colors (red, yellow, green) signal lamps

The specification list is for reference. It may be modified by customer's requirement. The real specification shall be based on the quotation and contract