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  • Work range: 600mm x 2600mm.
  • Drilling for connecting plate, welding plate, rib plate, hanging piece, etc.
  • Two exactly independent spindles, they can drill two stacks of same plate in the same time, they also can drill two stacks of different plate in the same time. Especially they can drill one stack of bigger plate with two spindles in the same time.
  • High rigidness frame, competitive drilling speed
  • High efficiency motors → High torques for bigger diameters and high rev. for smaller diameters, Ø 14 -- Ø 40 mm
Taiwan Patent No.I279270
PRC Patent No.1014714
  • Two Hydraulic Pumps
    Stable to clamp on 2 different areas
  • Operation Protection Buttons
    Spindle not move to working area when loading/unloading workpieces
  • Auto Measurement on Drill Length
    Auto measuring device → Fast, precise and convenient
    Save time and no inaccuracy measuring tolerance
  • High Speed Drilling
    High-rigid machine & efficient coolant system 0.35 mm/rev & 2.0 mm/sec when drilling Ø 28
  • Multi-Location Process(option)
    10 kinds of same/different jobs or 20 processing locations for smaller workpieces
    Auto-process 20 piles of workpieces after working-hours
  • Auto Power-off
    Programmed auto power-off after last process cycle
  • Auto Lubricating System
    Auto lubrication feeding -> Longer life

Servo-Driven Tool-Feeding

Servo-driven tool-feeding
→ Stable in high-speed
Decelerate to give longer tool life when tools on surface of workpiece
Higher speed in workpieces

High Performance of Software Function

Easy to learn, high performance software both on small quantity in multi-job or massive production

Graphic-Pattern-Dialogue Input

100% of drilling patterns in the program
Only 30 min. to learn to calculate, preciously up to 0.001

TK-33 Specialized Step-Feeding (Option)

High rigid frame body
→ Continuous step-feeding
Drilling as fast as advanced Japanese machines

  • Processing Multi-Hole Connecting-Plates for Bridges
    Suitable for a dozen of multi-hole groups
  • High Rigid Structure Designing :
    High rigidness and reinforcement in main frame and strength in accessories
    Longer life with no vibration in high speed drilling or bigger holes drilling
  • Fast-Marking
    Fast-marking to locate holes
  • Position Check or Supports Adjustment
    Laser cross to recognize markings
    Position Check or Supports Adjustment
    Marking checking before loading workpiece in order to adjust supporting positions avoids drilling to damage the error-placed supports
  • High Torques & Revolutions Motor
    TECO Motors → High torques for bigger diameters
    High revolutions for smaller diameters
  • Cranes of Lightweight & High Performance (Option)
    German ABUS HB Crane to lift all workpieces
    Built-in Teflon wheels → Lowest resistance 0.001

Easy Re-Start

Press button Previous/Next Hole to continue process
Fast restart on unfinished hole when stopping during auto operation.

High Quality Controlling System

CPU controllers, panel system, servo system, 1/0 panel, frequency converter, magnet contactors, and buttons/keys in controlling system are leading Japanese parts

Laser-Center Holes Checking (Option)

Patented design for cross center of drill, graph-recognition, teaching and inputting → Time-saving, preciousness & convenience