• Worktable 1600 mm x 4000 mm suitable for most bridge connecting plates
  • Two spindles controlled by servos → Flexible & low limitation to process
  • 20 locations to process & 20 workpieces after work-hours
Models DNA-1640H
Capacity Hole Diameter mm Ø 14 - 50
Long Hole
Max. Works Size 1640 x 4000 mm
Work Area 4 -- 20
Thickness Total Thickness 100 mm (Vice Stroke 105 mm)
Hydraulic 50 kg/cm2 (Max. 70 kg/cm2)
Coolant Water bass coolant, Electric Pump
Chip Conveyor Electric Conveyor
Spindle Motor 5.5 KW x 2
Spindle Drill 2
Shank BT-40
Speed control Inverter Control
RPM 48 - 720 rpm
Drill Length 50 -- 470
Positioning X Stroke 1600 mm
X Speed 9 m/min
X Drive Servo Motor + Rolling-ball Bolt
Y Stroke 4400 mm
Y Speed 9 m/min
Y Drive Servo Motor + Rolling-ball Bolt
Z Stroke 400 mm
Z Speed 3 m/min
Z Drive Servo Motor + Rolling-ball Bolt
Clamps Method Hydraulic clamped
Quantity X 8
Y 12
Force 600 kg·f
Dimension Work stand Height App. 800 mm
L x W x H mm  
Weight 8000 kg
NC Devices Screen Human-Machine Interaction (touch-controlled) attached with a screen to a industrial computer
Servo Axis 5
Memory Capacity 100 sets + CF card, unlimited when attached with a screen to a industrial computer
Min. Setting Unit 0.01 mm
Prgramming Multi-pattern process-dialogue inputting/ cross laser teaching/ files transferred by DXF when equipped with an industrial computer
Ax. Program 1 home point mixed with 10 programs
Re-positioning Machine continues auto operation from any position
Cutting Conditiion Cutting condition (life, loading ratio, revolutions, feeding capacity, feeding time, penetration capacity) may input by hand
Fine Adjustment Revolutions & feeding capacity may fine adjust ±50%
Signal Lamp 3 colors (red, yellow, green) signal lamps
Tapping ----
Long Hole Milling 14 mm x -- 32 mm x
Home Points 4 home points, expanded to 8 home points (optional)

The specification list is for reference. It may be modified y customer's requirement.
The real specification shall be based on the contract.
Model-T may be attached with ATC as request. Industrial Computer is optional.