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Best for:

  • Installing columns of steel structures
  • Installing beams of steel structures (welding ring-ears needed)
  • Installing columns of factory hangers (Suitable for G-type)
  • Installing iron-signs
  • Installing sky-high columns
Taiwan Patent No.180290
  • Instructions for Lifting:
    1. Aim the pin of lifting device at the ear of the steel structure.
    2. Insert the pin into the hole of the bottom. When ‘click’ sound is heard, it means the protection device is closed.
    3. Pull the wire of the pin again to assure the protection device is secured.
    4. Start lifting after completing the procedure above.

  • Instructions for removing the lifting device:
    1. After assuring, the position has arrived precisely and then the lifting device shall be removed.
    2. Pull the protection wire tightly to pull off the pin.
    3. The wire of the off-hock will be pulled off at the same time, and then the lifting device will be separated with the heavy piece of the steel structure.
    4. Repeat the same procedures above on the next job.

  • Comparison

Workers need to climb up columns to take off lifting devices.
Falling may easily happen.
Two/Three workers needed to complete tasks, man-power consuming.
More strength needed for workers, accidents possibly created.


Workers do not need to climb up columns and take off devices by wire only.
Only one man needed to take off devices, saving man-power.
Only pulling control wire is needed to take off lifting devices, workers do not need to climb up columns.

  • Features of safety lifting devices:
    1. The imported alloy material is made of hot forging. The anti-strength is five times stronger more than rated load.
    2. Loading pin and lifting bolts are both made of imported specialized alloy. The anti-shear is five times more than rated load.
    3. The 5 T lifting device and guide-way are made by hot forging, compact size, light-weighted and convenient to operate.
    4. Attached with special auxiliary ring ears on lifting bolts, greatly prolong serving life and increase anti-shear.