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  • Max. Beam size: 1000X500mm
  • Hole capacity:14 ~ 40mm
  • Thickness: 100mm
  • 300~500mm long Z stroke, suitable for big range of tool length.
  • With 3 independent spindles, each section stroke 550mm.
  • BT40 spindle, with quick-tool-change button
  • Optional DSTV – BeamCAM software
  • Office software : BeamCAM (option):
    Advanced DSTV program conversion software in office. It can read NC1 file, 3D parts graphics from TEKLA program directly, and convert to a processing program for drilling machine no need to key-in any size of data. It is not only to ensure the correctness size in processing and increase processing efficiency, but also can produce management report after processing. It can reachcentralized management, data management objective. Operator in workshop doesn't need writing program ability, just according to working list item to pick up the material and load it into machine.
  • Dual-language operating:
    Our operating software has two languages switching function, customer can choose their language when they needed. Except Chinese, operator can choice their language: English, Chinese Simple, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand...etc. It is easy for local operator working.
  • Roller type linear guideway/ Block:
    Three sets of positioning and feeding linear guideway of spindles are all use advanced roller type of linear guideway and bloke. They can improve the machine stability and component life.
  • H-Beam size re-check:
    It Has H-Beam size re-checking function. When recheck size are different with inputing data, machine will stop and warn operator to re-check material size again. It can avoid operator to pick up the wrong material.
  • Strong software function:
    Strong software function, suitable to produce less style with big quantity, or mut-style with small quantity.
  • Three linear guideway design:
    Spindle for drilling two flanges are designed with three linear guideway at up and down side, So that can increase the stability of spindle, and also increase the life of linear guideway.
  • Graphic-Pattern-Dialogue input:
    Program produce by Graphic-Pattern-Dialogue input. Easy to understand.
  • Advanced hydraulic feeding:
    Feeding axis is controlled by hydraulic feeding + drill tip position feedback. Do not have to spend time to adjust the limit switch, do not use the tool nose collision workpiece, do not have to adjust the knife length, to be a complete feeding management.
  • Oil drill bit used:
    Type FAM-105 plus and FAM-105A plus can use HSS dril bit, DDTG drill bit, they also can use GOH drill bit to rise working quantity double. But when hole diameter are not popular, you can use HSS drill bit or TTDG. If you do not rush work, use HSS or TTDG drill bit also can save a lot of tool cost.
  • High speed drilling:
    High-rigid machine with high efficiency driling system. 0.35 mm/rev & 2.0 mm/sec, p28, when use TDG dilibit for dirling.
  • Auto measuring drill length:
    Automatic detect the position of drill tip to save time and reduce mistake of setting program.
  • Push-button tool change:
    Three spindles are all BT-40 spindles. When manually tool-change operating, just push button, you can use one hand easy and safe to change tool.